3 Hour Bespoke Angling Coaching Session in Cheshire

Angling is a sport that perfectly balances a relaxing, therapeutic atmosphere with skill, challenge and excitement - and if you know someone who has always wanted to give it a try, look no further than this three-hour bespoke coaching session in Cheshire. Ideal for complete beginners or as a unique gift for children, this fishing experience is lead by an enthusiastic, expert instructor who can tailor the session to fit your abilities and skill-level. The day starts with an introduction to the equipment you will be using, and the techniques used to catch the various fish inhabiting the lake, which can include rudd, perch, gudgeon and roach. Angling is as much about judging the water and the creatures below as it is about proper handling of the fishing rod, so a keen appreciation of the environment will give you an advantage when catching the biggest fish! The instructor has extensive knowledge in the field of angling and is able to personally structure the coaching to suit your needs and wants. By the end of the session you will have gained valuable skills as well as life-long memories, and hopefully a passion for a new and exciting hobby! A perfect gift for those looking to try something new and different.

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Experience Days Fishing 3 Hour Bespoke Angling Coaching Session in Cheshire