3 Hour Manchester Fishing Introduction

This three hour introduction to fishing at Manchester's Partridge Lake is the perfect way to learn the basics of 'rod and reel' angling, and is an ideal gift for someone who's a bit outdoorsy, and has always wanted to try their hand at fishing. You'll spend the introduction learning the skills you need to catch your first fish, with 1-to-1 instruction from an expert angler throughout. Rod and reel angling is your instructor's preferred style of fishing, because it's a little more challenging than using an elasticated pole, which of course means a greater pay off when you succeed in reeling one in! With a carbon rod you can feel exactly how strong your underwater opponent is, and you'll get a real appreciation for the sense of 'playing' a fish that's taken your bait. All equipment is included, and you will have a full safety briefing and a briefing on the type of fish you'll be (hopefully) catching. The instructor will be by your side throughout the lesson to help you with your technique and offer guidance - even help you to land a catch, if you happen to hook a big fella! Anything you catch will be gently unhooked, admired for a moment, and then released back into the lake. If you've always wanted to try your hand at fishing, you fancy telling a couple of fish stories down the pub, or you want the perfect experience gift for an outdoorsy type of person, this three hour Manchester fishing introduction will have you hooked!

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Experience Days Fishing 3 Hour Manchester Fishing Introduction