Paranormal Activity London Tour For Two

Do you believe in the paranormal? Would you ever attempt to summon the dead? On this paranormal tour of London, that’s exactly what you will be doing, as you visit some of London’s most haunted locations, and attempt to make contact with the other side! This tour is definitely not for the fainted hearted, so read on if you dare…During your 2 hour tour, you will be visiting some of London’s darker, more daunting areas, including the city's largest execution site. You will be using a variety of paranormal detection equipment, from Ouija boards to K2 Meters, to try and make contact with the deceased!  Do you have the courage to attempt to wake the world’s worst serial killer? You'll visit the abandoned gaol cells he once inhabited, and walk the streets that lie above hundreds of bodies, totally unknown to the London commuters who walk there everyday. The tour also takes you down the hideously haunted Cock Lane, stops at the London Gin Palace, and will teach you about the gruesome end to William Wallace. The paranormal investigation tour is the perfect experience for lovers of all things supernatural, so if you’re looking for an experience to fright up your night this is the one for you! 

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