Gravity Rush for Two Was £99, Now £49

Ever wanted to try something exhilarating? This adventurous gift offers you the chance to do just that! Choose one from three thrilling experiences and prepare to be taken out of your comfort zone where the laws of gravity are against you. Aqua Sphereing for Two This fast-paced and exhilarating sport will have you riding down a hill in a Sphere at speeds of up to 30mph. With no harness, you are completely free to slip and slide around together inside the ball surrounded by thirty litres of water. Also included is footage of your experience on a USB. Bungee Jump for Two Take it in turns to plummet towards the ground. Harnessed in safely, you will start your ascent in the cage up to 160 feet in the air. You'll be attached to the bungee by your instructor and then it is time to take the plunge. This is one of the biggest rushes you and your friend will ever get - unforgettable! Segway Rally for Two Segways offer a unique experience that's thrilling, great fun and full of excitement. Your instructor will put you through your paces before letting you loose on the rally stage. One head camera is included to share on the day, the footage from which will be given to you to keep.

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Gift Ideas For Two Sports Outdoor Gravity Rush for Two Was £99, Now £49