Hands on Animal Experience for Two

There is nothing like getting up close and personal with animals and this experience is a chance to live the life of a nature documentary maker for a day.  The variety of creatures to meet includes some more common specimens such as horses, rabbits, pygmy goats and guinea pigs, as well some rare beasties such as meerkats, scorpions, spiders, lizards, hissing cockroaches and hairy but adorably cute kune kune pigs.  Voucher holders will also get a chance to watch a bird of prey in flight, a sight which will amaze any animal lover. The experience begins with refreshments with the animal guide who will talk through the animals which are on the programme.  There will be plenty of opportunities to handle the animals and ask questions about them over the course of the experience although there is no pressure so anyone who might be a little squeamish about bugs doesn't have to touch them.  A camera is essential to capture all the special moments over the course of the day, making this a fantastic gift idea for any animal fans.

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