Meerkat Experience for Two and Adoption Pack

Visit "Meerkat Mountain" the home of the family group of these inquisitive and mischievous animals. They eat a wide variety of foods so prepare yourself for giving them live insects, meat, eggs or even a healthy salad! Bring a camera as these guys never fail to show off for a photoshoot! You will receive an adoption pack to share which includes a fact sheet, photograph, certificate and souvenirs. Adopters also receive one annual membership, allowing free entry to the Zoo for a year, so you can visit your chosen animal as often as you like. Upon arrival you will be free to look around the zoo at your own leisure before your experience starts. Then you’ll meet the meerkat keeper and receive a health and safety briefing. Once you are in the enclosure you’ll be able to hide the meerkats food and watch them dig around to find it.

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