Full Day Fly Fishing with Tuition Co. Galway

Enjoy a full day of personal tuition from a professional instructor plus fly fishing on one of Ireland's beautiful lakes and rivers. The history of fishing goes back nearly as far as the fish. Fishing history dates back to when people of ancient times began fishing for food, when pieces of bone were used as hooks and lengths of vine as line. However today you'll discover the art of fishing by using a fly as bait. As part of your fly-fishing experience you will receive an introduction to fly fishing where you'll discuss tackle, knots and theory and individual fly casting tuition. With a fly attached to your line you try your luck, with the instructor always on hand to advise you on your fishing techniques. Savour the fresh air and tranquility. And you never know; you might catch a trout or two! All you need is am interest to learn more about this relaxing pastime.

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Great Days Out Water Sports Full Day Fly Fishing with Tuition Co. Galway