Airowear Bodybase

'The purpose of BodyBase is to transport moisture away from the skin during exercise. BodyBase achieves this through it's moisture-wicking properties that draw sweat away from the skin so it can evaporate at a faster rate than conventional base layers. BodyBase has the advantage over garments made with natural fibres such as cotton, as these cannot achieve the same rate of evaporation due to their high absorbency. The benefit of wearing BodyBase is to conserves energy by regulating the body temperature and ensuring the rider is not carrying around any excess moisture. This enables the rider to concentrate their energies on performing at their best. To work effectively, BodyBase should be worn next to the skin. Who's wearing BodyBase? BodyBase is worn by the 'who's who' of domestic and international equestrian sport. Ruth Edge, Karen O'Connor, Jan Byyny, Julie Tew, Jamie Atkinson...'

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