Choosing Buying A Pony

'- Clear practical help - a must for all first time buyers of ponies! - Great advice from The Pony Club Buying a pony is an exciting prospect - yet it can also be quite daunting and full of pitfalls for the unwary. The aim of this Pony Club publication is to help, in particular, the novice and first-time buyer avoid the problems that can be encountered. Commonsense advice is given on how to choose the right pony, bearing in mind the rider's needs, experience and stabling facilities, as well as the overall budget. The practical aspects of finding a pony - through advertisements, by word of mouth or from dealers or horse sales - are discussed, along with the procedure for assessing, trying and vetting the prospective pony. The book also provides guidance on the basic equipment that will be required for the pony, and on how to help the pony settle into its new surroundings. A final chapter advises on insurance and the legal responsibilities involved in pony ownership. A hardback book of 96 pages. If you are thinking of buying a pony for the first time, don't leave home without reading this book! It's quite a good refresher for those buying the next pony as well!'

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MAD4PONIES Choosing Buying A Pony Choosing Buying A Pony