Cottage Craft Face Brush

'- Soft enough for use on your horse/pony's face - Fantastic new designs for this season - Choose from Blue Ribbon, Pink Kaleidscope or Navy Union Jack design - Matching items brushes available Cottage Craft DM range of grooming brushes for children, teenagers and adult grooming kits. Choose from Blue Ribbon, Pink Kaleidscope or navy with Union Jack design face brush. Lovely soft bristles for use around your horses face and head and small enough to get into awkward places! Ideal for children, teenagers and adults. There are many matching items in the grooming brush range and bags to store your brushes in. Ideal for everyday or occasional use. Makes ideal horsey gift for girls or boys.'

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MAD4PONIES Cottage Craft Union Jack Face Grooming Brushes for Poni Cottage Craft Face Brush