Horse Dreams Writing Box 6108

'Perfect for keeping anyone's desk tidy Comes with two pencils, sticky notes and notelets Fantastic Horsey Gift This desk set from Horse Friends is the ideal for keeping your desk and horsey stationery tidy. Choose from either a lovely blue or cute pink box with a mother and foal image on the top. Inside the lid there is a mirror bordered with flowers. There are also four compartments: The first has three lovely matching pencils with plenty of room to add your other pens and pencils. The second contains either pink or blue notelet slips to let your Mum know that you've just popped down to the stables or that you haven't got any more clean jodhpurs. The second has paper clips and the last has a Horse Dreams rubber. Each compartment has lots of extra room for you to fill with paperclips, rubbers or whatever else is running loose around your desk! This makes an excellent gift for any pony mad girl.'

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MAD4PONIES Horse Dreams Writing Box, Equestrian Stationery Set, Ho Horse Dreams Writing Box 6108