Men's BABOLAT Pure Control Tour GT Tennis Gacket Black Red Black Red, Black Red Black Red

For players with a long, fast swing, looking for a flexible racket, with a longer contact time between ball and racket. Rackets for perfect control. Babolat has developed a new material, Flex Carbon, with less density of carbon fibres for more flexibility. The new Pure Control rackets offer more control at ball impact. The Woofer system is the first technology to enable the frame and strings to interact each and every time a player hits the ball. It provides 25% longer ball-string contact time, with more sensation and greater precision. The Square bean frame offers greater flexibility for more control and precision. GT Aero technology is concentrated at either side of the string bed, the combination of carbon and remarkably stiff Tungsten fibres make the racket twice as stable as standard carbon frames, for less torque and greater precision. Specification: *Head size: 630cm2 *Weight: 320g *Balance: 310mm *Length: 27in.

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Millet Sports Tennis Men's BABOLAT Pure Control Tour GT Tennis Gacket Black