Men's BABOLAT Pure Strike 18 20 Tennis Racket Grey Marl Grey Marl, Grey Marl Grey Marl

Response & Precision, be the first to strike first, with this highly responsive racket. Players using every centimeter of the court to move their opponent and looking for more precision will find the perfect weapon thanks to a 18x20 stringing pattern. Evo Beam: Different thicknesses (21/23/21mm) of the beam for less torque at ball impact and better responsiveness. Response Woofer: Energy restitution thanks to a new material injected to grommets and bumper X Sider: This new frame increases the sweetspot by 10% to bring forgiveness on off-center hits. Stabilizer Technology: A hybrid frame construction and a stiff carbon fiber for improved torsional stability at ball impact to make precise shots. Hybrid Frame: Thanks to the new hybrid frame construction, (mix of square and elliptic), the racket offers more responsiveness at ball impact than any other tennis racket in this segment. First strikers will get the perfect balance between response and precision. *Weight: 305 g/10.8 oz *Composition: Graphite *Flexibility (Ra): 70 ra *Sieve Size: 630 cm2/98 sq. in. *Length: 685 mm/27 in. *Balance: 320 mm

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Millet Sports Tennis Men's BABOLAT Pure Strike 18 20 Tennis Racket Grey Marl