Men's Wilson Burn 100 ULS Tennis Racket, No Colour No Colour

Accelerate your power to battle from the baseline and blast groundstrokes all game long. The Burn tennis racket combines power with Spin Effect Technology to produce the heaviest ball possible for players on the rise who are looking firing shots on the court. This is the lightest racket that features Spin Effect. Spin Effect Technology allows players to produce significantly more spin without changing their swing. Over 200 RPMs of spin are added to every shot, allowing for two inches more net clearance and 12 inches more margin of error, all meaning you can hit the ball even harder, while keeping control and it in court. Basalt fibres filter out extreme unwanted frequencies and are combined with additional frame, grommet and grip technologies to provide perfect feel. Parallel drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot. Specification: *Headsize: 100sq in. *Unstrung Weight: 260g *Length: 27in *String Pattern: 16 x 19

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Millet Sports Tennis Men's Wilson Burn 100 ULS Tennis Racket, No Colour No C