Therm a Rest EvoLite Self Inflating Mattress Large

The Evolite Mattress from Therm-A-Rest is an excellent new mattress that is ultralight self-inflating and offers extreme loft and comfort and has been awarded with an OutDoor Industry Award in the camping equipment category for 2014 Therm-A-Rest have managed to achieve this incredibly lightweight and extremely comfortable mattress by combining their new Atmos Foam technology which is the lightest and most compressible foam on the market with an Airframe construction by alternating foam and air channels to reduce weight while amplifying loft The Evolite is an incredibly convenient and comfortable self-inflating mattress that allows just a few breaths to top off the mattress for optimal firmness and boasts being the best ultralight self-inflating mattress for loft and comfort making it a fantastic choice for ultralight backpackers who want the most comfort per gram

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OutdoorGear UK Camp Furniture Therm a Rest EvoLite Self Inflating Mattress Large