Therm a Rest Womens NeoAir XLite Sleeping Mat

The Therm-a-Rest Women s NeoAir XLite Mattress is a fantastic choice of 3 season lightweight sleeping mat that offers an unrivalled warmth-to-weight ratio thanks to the reflective ThermaCapture technology making it a great sleeping mat for backpacking This sleeping mat is slightly shorter in length as it has been designed for ladies and so by not having to the extra redundant length you will be saving on the weight and pack size it is also as packable as a water bottle to keep your pack size to a minimum The NeoAir XLite features ThermaCapture layers to trap extra radiant heat for cold sleepers while keeping the bulk to a minimum This warm sleeping mat is the most compact NeoAir mattress ever and has a Triangular Core Matrix to offer stability and support making making this a brilliant choice for getting a good night s sleep when you are enjoying an exhilarating backpacking adventure

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