Therm a Rest Corus HD Quilt Regular

New for 2016 The Therm-a-Rest Corus HD Quilt Regular is the lightest down blanket that offers a staggering performance and unbeatable comfort thanks to the use of Nikwax Hydrophobic Down making it ideal when you need to keep your weight to a minimum but still want some luxury on your next adventure The Corus is gram for gram the warmest in the Therm-a-Rest quilt range and it has achieved this in several ways firstly by incorporating a Nikwax Hydrophobic Down HD fill secondly by introducing ThermaCapture backed seams and finally by having full perimeter side baffles to decrease the drafts The use of the Nikwax Hydrophobic Down in these blankets is such a brilliant idea as this treated down stays dry and retains loft six-times longer and absorbs 40 less water than untreated down meaning that it will offer a much higher performance it can also be quickly and easily refreshed with Nikwax Down Wash and Downproof so you can keep your quilt in tip top condition The ThermaCapture backed seams is a fantastic way to reduce radiant and convective heat loss through a simple yet incredibly effective use of a thin strip of reflective tape behind each baffle seam in order to use the warmest sewn through construction on this particular quilt As for the actual use of this quilt we love the way that the Corus hooks over the end of your sleeping mat to stop your feet from sticking out the end and getting cold the full perimeter baffles that stop a draft and the fact that it comes with perimeter snap loops and a mattress snap kit sticky backed Velcro strips so that you can secure your quilt to any mattress to cocoon yourself and keep as snug as a bug These blankets are supersoft to touch ultra-lightweight and incredibly compressible they come with a normal mesh stuff sack as well as a much smaller stuff sack that is made from water resistant fabric for when you need to minimise your bulk They offer such versatility whether you are a minimalist backcountry traveller hiking in the spring to autumn months hut-to-hut traveller or car camper this will soon become your favourite item of outdoor gear

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