Vaude Ice Peak 400 Down

The Vaude Ice Peak 400 Down Sleeping Bag is designed for the extreme outdoors This technical 3 season sleeping bag has a water resistant polyamide outer and is filled with 90/10 grey duck down By using down instead of synthetic filling the Ice Peak 400 makes the most of a very highly regarded material Weight-for-weight down is much warmer than synthetic filling and also packs down smaller The mummy shape of the Ice Peak 400 is the classic sleeping bag design This body-hugging bag tapers towards the feet and is very thermal efficient by minimising the volume inside This shape also cuts down the amount of material used so the sleeping bag is as lightweight and compact as possible Continuing with the design features Vaude have incorporated let s start at the top of the Ice Peak 400 We all know that it is essential to keep your head warm when on expeditions and the snug close-fitting hood makes a real difference at night But there are more features at the head-end of the sleeping bag that make it a great choice for outdoor adventures A thermal collar and highly adjustable opening reducing the hood opening to just a small air hole if you wish work together to block out draughts and really maximise the heat retained inside You ll be so cosy that you ll never want to get out of your Ice Peak 400 A lovely bonus at this end of the sleeping bag is the small zipped internal pocket It is ideal for storing your MP3 player if you like to listen to music at night a phone or other small essentials This little feature is a great example of how much thought Vaude have put into every element of using their highly technical sleeping bag Moving down the Ice Peak 400 to the foot end there are a few innovative details to notice The incorporated foot box that Vaude have added is unusual and can be used in many ways The very end section of the sleeping bag can be separated from the rest using a drawcord In this way you are able to shorten the bag adjusting it to your height and reducing the volume Another use of the foot box is to store clothes or shoes overnight keeping them warm dry and ready for the next day Finally by stuffing the rest of the sleeping bag into this separate section when you break camp you are able to leave your stuff sack at home and carry less with you It is important to keep your down sleeping bag dry as moisture can reduce the effectiveness of its insulating properties To help you out Vaude have added a water repellent coating to the Ice Peak 400 s outer fabric Better still the head and foot ends are made from waterproof material This is great news if you brush up against condensation-damp tent walls in the night Vaude Vaude are a German family run business as well as respected experts in outdoor gear Adventurers love them because of their ingenuity and attention to detail in every piece of kit they make Further still Vaude are devoted to ethically and environmentally sound business They partner several organisations that promote these causes and many of their products such as the Ice Peak 400 are supported by bluesign approval This is recognised and respected as the strictest standard for environment consumer and workforce protection

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