Vaude Serniga 800 Down

The Vaude Serniga 800 Down Sleeping Bag is a fantastic piece of kit for extreme expeditions in cold weather To keep you truly warm for your essential rest the Serniga 800 is filled with 800g of 90/10 white goose down The classic mummy shape assists the insulating properties of the sleeping bag by reducing the internal air volume while cutting down pack size weight and bulk A highly insulating close-fitting hood is a great feature of the Serniga 800 keeping vital heat from escaping this vulnerable area Reduce the hood opening as much as you like - down to a small air hole - using a drawcord and stay extra snuggly inside your cosy cocoon The extreme thermal collar blocks out any last little draughts keeping the cold out and the heat in A drawcord towards the foot end of the Serniga 800 separates off the final section creating a foot box This has three main functions which are each incredibly useful in the outdoors Firstly by pulling the drawcord you can adapt the length of the sleeping bag and reduce the internal volume Secondly this separated space can be used to store clothes or shoes warm and dry - a real treat if you ll be waking up in freezing conditions The final feature of the foot box is that you re able to stuff the rest of the sleeping bag into it eliminating the need to carry a separate stuff sack Vaude have considered the extreme conditions you might be facing and have added a water repellent coating to the Serniga 800 s shell fabric To the more vulnerable head and foot ends they ve gone a step further and made the material waterproof - perfect should you brush up against damp tent walls in the night A final little extra detail of the Serniga 800 is the small zipped inner pocket at the head end This is a great place for a phone MP3 player or other small items Keep your music or essentials close to hand Vaude Vaude is a German family-run company who specialise in highly technical outdoor gear Through experience and innovation they make kit that is loved by outdoor enthusiasts Another great fact about Vaude is that they run their business as ethically and environmentally sound as possible They partner several organisations that support these values and the Serniga 800 like many of their products is labelled as bluesign This is the most stringent standard for environmental consumer and workforce protection

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