Coleman Instant Sundome

The Coleman Instant Sundome is an absolutely superb family beach shelter that offers a great level of sun protection as well as being able to be set up in just one minute And we all know that saving time in setting up means more time for having fun in the sun This shelter features a revolutionary design where the extendable poles are already attached to the shelter to make setting up nice and easy the poles are a durable fibreglass/steel hybrid and this shelter can be pegged out and has sand pockets to be able to offer a sturdy and secure shelter whether you are on the beach in the garden or on a campsite The Instant Sundome is lovely and spacious on the inside providing plenty of room to sit and relax and for the children to play out of the sun it has pockets on the inside for belongings and a zippable mesh window at the back for ventilation and a lovely beach view The Sundome range all have ground sheets that can either be pegged out to give you extra space and that can be zipped up to close the Sundome to give you a private area to be able to get changed in or additional security for your belongings making this beach tent a fantastic addition to your beach gear

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