MSR Hubba NX Solo Tent

The Hubba NX Solo Tent from MSR has been based on the incredibly popular ultralight freestanding Hubba range and offers backpackers the latest in performance design and technology and further weight saving making them ideal for ultra lightweight backpacking The outstanding Hubba NX Solo is quick and easy to set up with a unified hub and pole system with colour coded stake out loops and clip webbing It can also be set up freestanding with rainfly and footprint and with rainfly only giving you much more versatility depending on the weather conditions The Hubba NX Solo is an extremely lightweight 1 man tent that weighs only 1 12 kg and offers 18 square feet of floor space plenty of living space and room for gear storage thanks to its unique pole configuration This tent also has a Stay-Dry door for easy access The change from the iconic green Hubba collection over to the new colour scheme is of course for technical reasons not just aesthetical the grey is to allow neutral light inside while the red floor makes finding gear easier A side loading compression stuff sack is included with this tent which makes it much quicker to take your tent down and put it away and then to minimise your pack size using the compression sack We are sure that the Hubba NX collection will be incredibly popular due to the level of attention to detail reliability and performance of this ultra lightweight backpacking tent range

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