MSR Thru Hiker 100 Wing Shelter

The MSR Thru-Hiker 100 Wing offers the perfect combination of wind and rain protection with minimum impact on total pack weight making it a fantastic versatile piece of ultralight protection ideal for minimalists thru-hikers and long distance backpackers The Thru-Hiker 100 Wing is part of MSR s new Thru-Hiker range that offers a flexible system that you can customise depending on the level of protection you need for your next big adventure Weighing in at under 600g and with ample space for three people this Thru-Hiker 100 Wing offers an adaptable and highly packable shelter that can be used individually with trekking poles or trees for support or it can be paired up with a Mesh House or a Bivi for extra shelter making this a fantastic choice for minimalist backpacking groups

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OutdoorGear UK Tents MSR Thru Hiker 100 Wing Shelter