Terra Nova Discovery Bivi

The Terra Nova Discovery Bivi is made from GORE-TEX Flo2 fabric and has taped seams guaranteeing it s waterproofness and breathability to make this the ideal bivi not just for emergency situations but also for spending a night under the stars wild camping or adventure racing GORE-TEX is known worldwide for its superior level of waterproofness and breathability This bivi will ensure that you are protected from the rain and comfortable thanks to the breathability which is incredibly important in such a confined space This bivi is a dark green colour to help you to blend in while both the length and width is slightly bigger than some of Terra Nova s other bivvi s this is to offer you that extra level of comfort and extra room for your sleeping mat sleeping bag and even your rucksack So if you are looking for a bivy that will offer you a guaranteed level of protection from the elements comfort well as comfortable as you can get in an un-hooped bivouac and a pack weight and size that is way smaller than a one man tent then this is the bivvy for you Please note For maximum safety and comfort we always recommend the bivi bag zip be left slightly open when in use

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OutdoorGear UK Tents Terra Nova Discovery Bivi