Vaude Lizard GUL 1P Tent

The Vaude Lizard GUL 1P Tent is an extremely lightweight also known as Giga-Ultralight three season tent that has been designed to offer the best in durability compactness and still offer fantastic weather protection ideal for solo trekkers who s main concern is keeping their pack size to an absolute minimum This semi tunnel Lizard GUL Tent is a simple and quick set up while offering you the best possible space utilisation while keeping weight ultra-low it also has extremely durable and lightweight carbon poles and the extremely low weight and small pack size comes from a newly developed 2/3 carbon pole and double-sided siliconized seam sealed robust 10D polyamide 6 6 outer tent Even the extremely high water column of the tent floor - 10 000 mm - is unique in this combination

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