Body Sculpture Aerobic Rebounder

The Body Sculpture Aerobic Rebounder it is an effective way of exercise and it is fun too!The 36'' Body Sculpture aerobic rebounder combines the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and strength training making it suitable for all ages.The Body Sculpture aerobic rebounder is a perfect way of improving the body's circulation and blood flow, increase the capacity of heart and lungs, improves coordination and balace and reduces stress and tension in the body.

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V Fit Fitness Trampoline

The V-Fit fitness trampoline is designed to keep the user in good shape while providing a lot of fun in the process. The trampoline allows for intuitively changing the intensity of the workout.

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Fitness Mad Studio Pro 40in Rebounder

The Fitness Mad Studio Pro 40in rebounder trampoline is a great tool for zero impact aerobic exercise, suited to most fitness enthusiasts. This commercial grade trampoline offers a smooth, almost silent performance and can help increase the capacity of your heart and lungs, build strength, stamina, and boost all round fitness. When used regularly, it will tone the muscles around your legs, thighs, abdomen, hips and arms, at the same time improving your co-ordination and balance. It is also a great fun to use and requires no special instructions: whether you use it for jogging, bouncing or dancing, it will surely be beneficial for you. It is very durable thanks to a heavy gauge powder coated steel frame, which weighs 10kg (22lbs): 30-40% more than most budget rebounders. With its 6 foldable legs, it also offers convenient storage.

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