Walker & Simpson Combo 6ft Pool Table with Dining Top from UK Sport Imports Ltd


The Walker & Simpson Combo 6ft Slate Bed Pool Table is a professional quality table beautifully finished and made from high-quality MDF, ideal for home use. It’s an excellent table, designed to play a superb game. It has a dining table top cover and looks great with it on or off. It has a heavy 20mm thick slate bed covered by a high-quality cloth that comes in blue or green or red colour, and a choice of either oak or mahogany effect finish. The cloth is of 70% wool and 30% nylon giving superb durability and exactly the right pace, combined with the flatness of slate and superb cushions it’s a combination designed to give the most consistent play. The cushions on this table have been developed to give consistent bounce at the angle and velocity you would expect from each shot. The overall construction of this table is excellent: heavy; stable; strong; durable; great looks. A full set of pool & snooker balls are also included, along with two cues, a triangle and a box of chalks. A brush is also included to help you keep the high-quality cloth in great condition. With all these characteristics and lasting performance this Walker & Simpson table is an excellent table that will continuously satisfy even the most demanding player.

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