Walker & Simpson Ultimate 7ft Slate Bed Table + Accessories from UK Sport Imports Ltd


We are extremely proud to present the Ultimate Pool Table from Walker & Simpson. At last these top quality slate bed tables with an incredible price tag are here!We have spent years developing the best cushions (both rubber and shape), the highest quality cloths, the most stable frames, the flattest slate tops. We’ve long been striving to bring the highest quality and the lowest prices closer together on our pool tables. Our research and careful supplier selection have paid off, allowing us to offer you a top quality slate table at an amazingly low price. The 20mm thick slate bed combines with our best cloth and highest quality cushions to provide as consistent and well paced a game of pool as you will find anywhere. The frame is solid and sturdy with leveling feet. The automatic ball return keeps the pockets from getting obstructed when full, automatically returning balls to the rack end of the table, providing a noticeably more flowing game and making racking up the next one a touch more convenient. Home installation maybe available depending on location.Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

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